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The price consists of two parts

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It is a one-time payment, it is the accompaniment of the implementation, understanding the process, initial configuration, training and testing.

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It is paid monthly based on the number of users. Includes ticket/email support, system hosting, backups, security measures and constant updates.

Proximamente DiamoERP

Estamos preparando una nueva versión completamente renovada basada en las últimas entregas de ERPNext."

Mientras tanto, no estaremos tomando nuevos clientes ya que tenemos a todo el equipo enfocado en esta titánica tarea.

Si te interesa igualmente saber más podes contactarte con nosotros y estar entre los primeros en implementarlo!

Monthly fee

All your systems, one price

The payment of the monthly fee does not vary according to the modules or functionalities that you want to acquire, but according to the number of users of the system. With a single price per month, centralize in ERPNext all the tools you need for your company.


A plan to suit you

Do not hesitate to contact us for other options of intermediate users or larger, so you can find the one that fits your company.


You pay for what you need

You pay only once and only for what you use! Not all companies need the same thing, therefore each quote is made based on the client's size.

Don't pay for features you don't need, contact us and we will quote you the solution you are looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

It's true, ERPNext is a software for which you don't need to pay anything. However, its implementation in a company without the support of specialized personnel can be extremely difficult and frustrating, due to the great amount of configurations and technical actions required.
Even in the case of having the technical knowledge to do it independently, ERPNext by itself does not have all the adaptations to the laws of Argentina that make it 100% usable in our country. This is a result of years of work by DIAMO in the regionalization of the tool for local regulations, which include the possibility of issuing electronic invoices, calculating withholdings, issuing mandatory reports for AFIP, connection with its web service, and much more.
And let's not forget the training and support! Don't waste your time, get the most out of ERPNext without wasting a second too much, from the hand of specialized personnel.

The support is through a ticket system, which can be generated by email or from the support platform. A support ticket is basically a query or doubt of any kind. It will be automatically registered in the system and you will be able to visualize its status 24 hours a day, as well as receive notifications via email when there are new developments. Tickets are generally answered in a short period of time and always within 24 hours of opening, except during weekends or holidays that can take longer. If you need assistance by video call, a meeting can be arranged. The latter are not included in the value of the monthly support, so they will generate extra charges.

The implementation pays for the time our team has invested in doing something that truly serves your company. As the needs of each client are different, so is the time required by each and therefore the implementation quote is made to suit the client. This process includes: analyzing your business processes to be addressed in ERPNext, performing the initial data loading, training users, testing together and all the necessary technical configurations.

It is essential to devote the necessary time to a successful training process. This includes not only the time to explain each topic, but also the time needed to practice and absorb the contents.

The duration of the training has a maximum stipulated time that should not be exceeded, but not a minimum time. This means that each client will be able to progress at his/her own pace according to the intensity of his/her dedication.

ERPNext trainers will make sure that the customer learns everything necessary for the correct use of it and its best exploitation. However, it should be clarified that any subject about ERPNext functionalities not included in the content reported in each particular quote should be quoted and paid separately.

Data migration is a fundamental part of the implementation process. For this purpose, you will be provided with an excel spreadsheet and you will be trained in the correct way to complete it. Once the template is delivered, our team will take care of the rest.
In case the client prefers not to complete the form in the specific format required and deliver the information in raw, he can choose to ask for a quote so that Diamo can take care of it too.

Your information is stored in servers located in specialized data centers, which have the most robust security systems. Our infrastructure is provided by Linode and Amazon Web Services providers recognized worldwide.

Totally! In Diamo we understand the relevance of the data the user enters into the system. That's why we dedicate special attention to store them, encrypt them and keep them safe. Backups are made several times a day and with simultaneous copies in several servers. You also have the possibility of having automatic backups on demand directly to your Dropbox account. How do we keep your data safe?

Yes, ERPNext has a powerful role-based permission system to ensure that you can control precisely who within your company can access your data with field level granularity.

As it is a cloud service, when the user enters with his name and password, he always uses the latest version of the system. Updates are automatic, permanent and are included in all plans.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. The cancellation of your plan takes effect the following month and we will keep your information for 2 months after which your instance and data will be completely removed.

ERPNext has an infinite number of possible adaptations and customizations, however, they are not always necessary or convenient, so they are not included in the price of the implementation. Any custom modification or development of ERPNext will be analyzed and quoted separately according to the complexity involved. We suggest evaluating the possibility of requesting quotes for customizations once you have enough knowledge of the software's operation.

Yes, they're included. As it is a cloud service, each user when logging in with their name and password, always uses the latest version of the system. Updates are automatic, permanent.


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We also have tips for managing your company!

We also have tips for managing your company!

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