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Organization of exchange goods

Manage your products and stores by organizing them in tree groups. Assign each product or group a default warehouse and an accounting account.
Manage the units of measure in which to express your stock. Assemble bundles and product groups by assigning them different prices.
Create price lists for buying and selling, and predefine profit margins to update prices automatically.

Inventory valuation

  • Carry out a correct valuation of your foreign exchange assets by allocating the necessary expenses for their incorporation to the cost of the product for an accurate calculation of gross profits. Select between FIFO or Average Price valuation methods for the calculation of goods sold.

  • Use the Landed Cost tool to charge known invoices to cost later, such as import processes.

Quick and easy stock management

Emit goods and purchase receipts in seconds. Record your physical stock counts and allow ERPNext to make accounting and stock adjustments automatically through inventory reconciliation.
Transfer products from one warehouse to another in a simple and fast way.
Maintain the traceability of your serialized products or organize them in batches.

Stock optimization

Permit yourself not to keep too much stock without the risk of running out of products to deliver. For this purpose, it has safety and minimum stock levels that trigger automatic material requests and a powerful tool that, based on the product cycle, quantity and replenishment times, will indicate the optimum quantity of products to order.
Allow the person in charge of the stock to issue material requests to the manual purchasing area or based on the projected inventory data that will tell you how much stock you will have at a given date based on the quantities pending receipt or manufacture and the committed quantities pending delivery.

Delivery Trip

Cree hojas de ruta (viajes de entrega) para sus enviós, utulizando la API de google maps para que le calcule los tiempos estimados de llegada y la mejor ruta ubicandole cada entrega en el orden adecuado. Automatice avisos mediante un correo para que sus clientes sepan cuando van a estar recibiendo la mercadería.


Utilice potentes herramientas para agilizar la operatoria habitual del almacén. Cuente con la posibilidad de crear listas de embalaje, plantillas de inspección de calidad, notas de instalación y más.


Cuente con reportes que le brinden información completa al alcance de un click: Mayor y balances de inventarios, resumenes de existencias, antigüedad de existencias, órdenes pendientes de entrega, ordenes de compra a recibir, historial de saldo por lotes, estado de caducidad de lotes, reportes de productos con stock bajo y mucho más.


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We also have tips for managing your company!

We also have tips for managing your company!

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