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Leads, opportunities, clients

Capture potential customers (initiatives) by developing campaigns and advertisements and manage them to obtain an excellent conversion rate.
Upload the initiatives manually or configure your ERPNext so that they are uploaded to the system when you receive a query by mail, when you subscribe to the blog or by completing a contact form.
Follow up in detail the initiatives and the current customers to generate new sales opportunities, to which you can assign a probability and quantify it in order to project your sales and measure the expected results.


Uses automatic notifications, meeting reminders, calendar, assignment to different vendors through the system, so you don't miss a single sales opportunity.
Makes a detailed follow up of the actions made on a sales process, analyzing which were the stages of the process (sales stages) and visualizing a time line that contains all the communications, events, mails and notes that were made on an initiative or client.


Consult the reports that will allow you to evaluate the performance of the commercial management. Use the sales funnel report for a visual screen that allows you to detect commercial bottlenecks. Access the analysis of your sales opportunities by organizing them according to the source that generated them and according to the stage of the process in which they are found.
Get reports on campaign efficiency, initiative owner efficiency, inactive customers, conversion rates and minutes of delay in customer responses.


Get the most out of business management with the use of integrated marketing tools.
Create email marketing strategies by assembling lists and sending mass emails to initiatives and customers.
Send text messages to communicate promotions, discounts or offers. Keep a blog with content of interest to your potential and current customers by constantly informing them of the news of your company.


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We also have tips for managing your company!

We also have tips for managing your company!

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