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Invoicing and payments

Emit sales invoices and send them to your customers simply and quickly. Keep track of your suppliers' invoices. Keep track of the status of documents.
Manage payments by tracking due dates with automatic reminders.
Follow up the legal requirements of AFIP to issue your invoices. More detail of the integration with AFIP here.

Recurring Invoices and Subscriptions

Automate the creation of recurring invoices by setting up subscription plans. Send your invoices automatically with the necessary frequency and define the payment gateway for their collection.

Cost centres and budgets

Organize your cost centers in a tree form to perform a profit and loss analysis by center.
Enhance your planning process by budgeting based on your cost center structure and track budget variances.

Bank reconciliation

Keep your accounts reconciled and up to date by saving time and money by synchronizing the reconciliation tool with your bank statement. Execute the process massively and automatically.

Automatic and manual accounting entries

Count on having your accounting updated at all times, since ERPNext generates automatic entries for each transaction. Use an intuitive and simple interface to load manual accounting entries and adjustments.

Accounting books, reports and analytical accounting

Check your journal, ledgers, balance sheet, income statement, ledger and cash flow. Generate important reports such as Libro IVA compras, Libros IVA ventas, F2002, SICORE, SIRCAR, RG3685 and download the format to import to AFIP directly.
Access the necessary reports to diagnose the state of your company: gross profit report, net profit report, purchase and sales trends, trial balance.


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We also have tips for managing your company!

We also have tips for managing your company!

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