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Purchases Management

Organize your purchasing process with the tools offered by ERPNext.
Use the projected stock quantity reports and the recommended stock level calculation tool to order the optimal quantities of each product in each purchase or generate automatic material requisitions by setting a reorder stock level

Request for Quotations and Quotations from Suppliers

Get the best prices in the market by optimizing the search for the best suppliers in the field. Send massive quotation requests with pre-configured emails with templates, in an agile way. Receive the answers from your potential suppliers and keep each quotation obtained within your ERPNext for later comparative analysis that will allow you not only to make sure you always get the best option, but also to evaluate the evolution of prices from different suppliers.

Purchase orders, goods receipts and payments

Emit and send purchase orders to your suppliers and keep track of their status by following the receipt of the invoice, the product and its payment. If necessary, establish quality controls of the goods for each purchase.
Start and finish a complete purchase process in seconds, without loading duplicate data, saving time and minimizing errors.

Supplier Scorecard

Qualify your suppliers with a complete scoring system in which all the characteristics and variables that are fundamental for your company are evaluated, weighing each variable according to its importance.
Decide what action to take before each result of the evaluation choosing between throwing warnings at the moment of generating a purchase order or blocking it making impossible the continuity of the commercial relation.

Purchase analysis

Review purchase histories and compare transaction volumes with each supplier obtaining valuable information when carrying out a price negotiation and discounts.


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We also have tips for managing your company!

We also have tips for managing your company!

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