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Check statements

Keep the order of your portfolio of own securities issued by third parties by accessing a quick view of the status of each document (in hand, delivered, expired, rejected, collected, deposited)
Perform actions on your checks in hand with a single click that will make the necessary accounting entry, such as deposit, collection or reject.

Check Tracking

Access the historical information of each check and keep track of all the operations in which you were involved.

Multiple checkbooks and portfolios

Manage more than one checkbook with its respective numbering and select the one you need when issuing a payment.
Maintain, in addition, differentiated portfolios by branch to organize the checks received, assigning different accounting accounts to each portfolio.

Automatic scrap seats

Generate all check rejection accounting entries simply and quickly and keep track of rejected documents that are already replaced and those that are not.

Check Reports

Count on clear reports to optimize the management of your portfolios. Access a quick view of the documents in hand with colored indications of the situation of your check with respect to the date of collection (not enabled to collect, for collection, due, expired).
Analyze the financial flow of your securities, anticipating their liquidity on different dates.


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We also have tips for managing your company!

We also have tips for managing your company!

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