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Registration and monitoring of goods for use

Keep track of your assets in an orderly fashion. Access all relevant information on each one and make the accounting entries of operations such as sales or scrapping automatically. Keep a record of your assets, in which you will find all the data of the transactions related to each one of them, such as purchase, sale, movements, location, maintenance and discard.

Asset categories

Organize your assets into categories and predefine specific settings for each, such as the asset account to which it belongs, the depreciation expense account, the accumulated depreciation account, the capital in progress account, and the depreciation method.

Capital in progress

Use a capital account in progress to keep track of those assets purchased that are not yet operational or require an installation and tune-up process. Decide when these assets will be accounted for as assets for use that can be depreciated with a single click.

Automatic depreciation

Let ERPNext make the depreciation entries of your assets automatically and show you the incorporation value and the net depreciation value along a time line.
Select the depreciation method that fits your need, the frequency of depreciation and the total number of depreciations and let your ERP calculate them for you, or enter manually the values to be depreciated.

Revaluation of assets and accelerated depreciation

Adjust the book value of your assets in seconds and ERPNext will make for you the entry corresponding to the modification in the value of the asset and the corresponding adjustment in the depreciable values.

Maintenance and repairs

Schedule the necessary maintenance tasks of your assets, selecting the team that will perform the work by defining each role. Define the tasks to be performed, the type of maintenance (preventive or calibration), the periodicity, the start and end date of the maintenance.
Access to the record of all maintenance tasks performed as well as repairs, with details of the failure or error, assigned person, actions taken, results and costs.


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We also have tips for managing your company!

We also have tips for managing your company!

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